Traders Pop Gallery, Maastricht
Traders Pop Gallery, Maastricht
Traders Pop Gallery, Maastricht
Traders Pop Gallery, Maastricht
Traders Pop Gallery, Maastricht

Traders Pop Gallery, Maastricht

‘Een plek voor iedereen die vrij denkt’, omschrijft de eigenaar zijn winkel. En inderdaad, als je Traders Pop binnenstapt is niet meteen duidelijk wat er precies verkocht wordt. Het is ook erg veel. Sneakers, streetwear, tassen, internationale tijdschriften, maar ook eetbare slipjes, Maria-beelden en hondenriemen- en manden, allemaal net wat tacky'er dan in de gemiddelde shop. Neem je de trap naar boven, dan kun je in de bijhorende galerie nog een beetje kunst kijken.

De galerie

Our motivation in running a gallery is one of a search for answers and meaning on our existential experience. Not from an intellectual tradition but from a ‘street’ point of view, through music, fashion, etc.

In short the many ways in which the contemporary human expresses her or himself.
After initially having explored these more obvious forms, we discovered the imagination and communication power of art. The language of it.

In an attempt to experience and understand this and combined with genetic merchant and organisational features (farm origin) we could not but start this gallery. But again the desire for meaning in a more and more superficial world is our main motivation. Heaven and earth, passion and spirituality go together for us.

Traders pop gallery seeks a position independent as much as possible from market and institute, this to keep the motive pure.

First of market, because it should not be of networking parties for selling art. Second of institute, because we believe that the heart, the instinct should be the hunter and the mind the instrument of evaluation.

Also we believe that art should produce an aesthetic satisfaction. The process must be one of the artist’s inner struggle together with a battle with the medium he or she works on, this resulting in a aesthetic resolution of artefact.

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