Zenith Oriental Art, Maastricht
Zenith Oriental Art, Maastricht

Zenith Oriental Art, Maastricht

Within the serenity of a walled garden, in the heart of the old city of Maastricht, this gallery houses the finest in Oriental Antiques: sculptures, pottery, jade, bronze and a collection of exquisite 18th and 19th century Chinese furniture await.

Over the years, we have developed an extensive sourcing network for finely crafted antique Chinese furniture. No effort is spared to locate unique and rare pieces from all over China.

The pieces are expertly restored by our skilled craftsmen in our workshop in China┬┤s Guangdong Province.

The selection of our objects is obtained only from the highest quality, based on the level of artistic skills and the beautiful way they were executed. Moreover they are chosen for their inspirational impact and conviction.

The inner life of these sculptures arises from the underlying religious convictions of their creators, most of them strongly connected with Buddism and Taoism.

We look forward to your visit.

Philippe Kersten

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